If you spend all your time working in your business, how do you make time to work on your business?  

Furthermore, how do you grow your practice without taking more time away from your family to do it?
Ok, ok,...
chances are good that you don't
actually spend ALL of your time
working in your business...

You also eat, sleep, and shower.
You feed your kids, put them to bed, and bathe them.

You feel SO. BUSY.

Yet, when you look at your office schedule,
you know there's room for more patients.

There are more people you could be helping,
if only they knew about you.

And you've not yet reached some big financial goals either,
so growing your business **should** be a priority....


(Your husband likes to remind you that it should be,
since to him your practice doesn't seem to be worth all the time you spend away.)

So, what are you to do?!
How do you work ON your business when you're already so swamped?

Health fairs, screenings, dinners and talks used to {sorta} work.
But now you're not willing to take more time away
in the evenings and on the weekends to do them.

What does that leave you with?

What can you actually DO
to grow your business
without taking more time away from your family?
Aligned Women
to get started.
And, if you enroll now, you'll get access to this special bonus:
Health fairs, mall screenings, and dinner talks
might have worked to grow your practice in the past.

But now you're stuck between spending
your evenings and weekends away from your family
or growing your business.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way!

Aligned Women
is a community
for female chiropractors
who dream of working 25 hours a week or less
and earning $100,000 a year or more,
and who are ready to embrace simple yet effective
practice growth strategies.

...that don't require you to be away from your family
at events finding new patients!
Who is Aligned Women the right fit for?
  •  women who aren't willing to take more time away
    from their family to grow their practices
  •  women who already have a busy practice
    but who feel immensely overwhelmed
  •  women who don't have children yet but would like
    to refine their practices before becoming a mom
  •  women who are just starting their practices
    and want to intentionally design their businesses
  •  women who've been burned by practice management
    companies and chiropractic coaches
  •  women who dream of making a bigger impact
    without killing themselves to do it
  •  women who are tired of feeling alone and who are done
    trying to figure out a better way all by themselves
  •  women who've been in practice for one or two decades
    and are burning out
What Members Are Saying:

I've now more than tripled my take-home pay in the last year and surpassed my husband's take-home pay... while taking more time off and spending more time with my kids and by myself.  Having the support and accountability of the Aligned Women Team and the Fulfilled Mama Mastermind, I implemented the Profit First system which helped create these amazing changes!

- Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes

Since joining the Aligned Women Team, I have a much clearer vision of my ideal practice, I have a very specific 90 day marketing plan that is easily recreated every quarter and doesn’t require selling, I have a ton more confidence, and I have increased my practice by a third in the past year! I absolutely love having a group of women I can turn to with anything and there is always someone there to give a kind word, recommendation, advice or to just let me know that I am not alone! I couldn’t imagine my life without the Aligned Women Team!!

- Dr. Sara Rausch

I don't even want to imagine what my transition into motherhood would have been without Danielle and Aligned Women. My sense of overwhelm was enormous during the first months of my daughter's life. I was so naive about what it would actually mean to be a mom and a practice owner! Danielle provided loving and supportive guidance as I made mistakes as well as triumphed in my new role. Now I'm actively growing a practice that also allows me to be the mom I want to be. I'm so grateful to Danielle and the community she has created!

- Dr. Freda Tyson

The most beneficial part has been my personal growth and finding my self confidence again! I have been such a better mom, business owner, and person over the last year thanks to all the things I have learned in AW! Thank you!!

- Dr. Darcy Goode

Before Aligned Women, if I didn’t earn enough income in a month, I would simply not pay myself. This happened several times. I joined Aligned Women in February of 2017. I can happily report that not only have I paid myself every month this year (2018), but I have also given myself over $6000 in owner’s draw bonus compensation. After my first daughter was born a few years ago, I had no idea how I was going to afford to take a maternity leave whenever we had another, but by using principles that I learned through my Aligned Women membership, I successfully took time off after my daughter was born in May of 2018 without even reducing my pay! Thank you so much for everything that you do Danielle! I feel like I haven’t even used half of the content available to me, and I can only imagine how much more profitable my practice will become as I move through the rest of the content.

- Dr. Jamie Thomure
What You'll Get:
  •  Two Monthly Live Q&A Sessions
  •  One Monthly HowTo Video
  •  One Monthly Member Spotlight Training
  •  Immediate Access to The Success Path
  •  Accountability and Support
  •  A Private Facebook Community
all designed to support you in
working less and earning more.
And, if you enroll now, you'll get access to this special bonus:
The Accelerator Training Series
This is for YOU if you've ever thought about
taking part of your practice online but simply don't know how.

This is for YOU if you dream of making a bigger impact, helping more people,
and making more money without increasing your office hours.

This is for YOU if you've tried adding network marketing products to your business,
but you're heart just wasn't in it and it didn't really work for you.
If you've ever thought about taking a part of your practice online,
but don't know how to start you definitely want to be a part of this community!
Nothing you can offer online will ever be able to replace the care you provide with your hands.
Yet, the truth is... in this digital age it's getting harder and harder to get people to show up to workshops and classes in your office.
Especially when there's so much information available for them about their health questions at the tips of their fingers, 24/7.

But you and I both know that what your patients are finding online isn't always the best advice.
Women are still uncertain about their birthing options.
They still don't have answers about why their sick and their doctors can't help them.
Kids are still getting sicker and sicker every day.

You know there's only so many people you can help in your office with your hands=on care.
Even if you chose to adjust each patient in 2 minutes (which you'd never do),
there would still be a finite amount of time and energy you have available to give.

Sharing your knowledge with your global community is the next step.
It's how you can scale your practice without taking more time away from your family.
But it's scary to do it all on your own.

If you want guidance in the process, and know now's the time to make this leap,
please don't wait another minute to join Aligned Women.
Don't wait to enroll!
Get the lowest possible membership rate now.

Membership is only $147/month!

If you don't 100% love your experience as an Aligned Women Member,
you can cancel your membership any time.

So really, don't wait!  Get started now!
Frequently Asked Questions:
- Do I have to adjust or practice a certain way to be a part of this community?

Nope! You can do corrective care, acute care, acupuncture, functional medicine, or your own special blend of healing practices.  As long as you're ethical and heart-centered, we'll simply help you maximize your efforts so that you can work less and earn more.

- Is there a contract or length of commitment?

No.  We know that you'll love our community, and encourage you to put what we teach into practice for several months before determining if it's working for you. But if you do decide this isn't for you, then you're free to cancel your membership anytime.  

- I've tried other coaching programs before and they didn't work for me.  This seems different but I'm scared.  Help?!

We get it.  We are not here to tell you how to do YOU or to give you a cookie-cutter system that works for some people but not all.  You really have to take the leap to see.... what we offer is so very different than what you've experienced before. So give it a try!  

- What's the time commitment for this?

How much time you put in is really up to you.  We have two years of content, and there's new content every month.  However, there's no need for you to rush or to feel overwhelmed.  It's best to plan for 30-60 minutes one time a week to take part in your membership benefits!

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